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With the climate of today’s professional sports leagues changing like the seasons. It is paramount that a developmental system be in place for today’s aspiring professional athletes. The States Developmental Football League’s key principals are professional development on and off the field. Our athletes, cheer teams, and staff as a whole will have the opportunity to be prepared in such a way that once the regulation game is over, they will be able to go into over time confident in their business skill-sets. The balance between business principals and professional sports is what will set the S.D.F.L. apart from other leagues that have come and gone in the past.The educational platform that the SDFL has incorporated is one of the main reasons the SDFL will be successful for years to come. Our education and business curriculum will begin with our athlete's, spill over to their families, and eventually begin to affect communities in a positive manner as a whole. Our coaches and staff will have backgrounds in professional sports, business, finance, and life! We will teach from our testimonies, our highs and our lows, thus giving our athletes the chance that they weren’t given in the first place. A professional football career won’t last forever, but knowledge of business and survival skills can be passed down from generation to generation. We are a league of professional athletes, business people, and entrepreneurs with one common goal, the next level!  In business or the grid iron the S.D.F.L. will give our athletes, their support systems, our fans, and most importantly our communities the proper tools to make their transition to the next level. Education, football, and community development is the key to all things S.D.F.L.

“Nothing Comes To Sleepers But Dreams”


Will there be fees associated with playing for the S.D.F.L.?

Yes there is a price to pay to be apart of the S.D.F.L.!  Each player will be required to pay $350.00 Per S.D.F.L. Season 

Fee Breakdown:

Tryout per player is $60.00 with online registration, and $60.00 cash the day of tryout. Remaining balance of the  $350.00 if you are chosen for Teams Arkansas, and Teams Texas to be paid before the season opener. 

 Your Fees Go Toward:

1Athlete enrollment in S.D.F.L. League Education And Player Development Programs. 

2. Game Film: 3 Angles 2 Tight 1 Wide Of Each Contest. 

3. League Wide Player Assessment Testing & Scouting.
”Every S.D.F.L. player will have a scouting report”  

4. End of season game highlights

5. Placement in the SDFLCasting program. 

6. Access to all S.D.F.L. incentive pay programs. 

7. Financial Planning Services. 

8. Player Insurance through the Amateur Athletic Association.

The S.D.F.L. is privately funded organization. There are fees associated with the league. In order to benefit, you have to buy in! 


The S.D.F.L. provides high-quality professional developmental football during the summer/fall season while introducing on field development as well as business principals and practices for our athletes and the communities that they come from!  The S.D.F.L. serves its local communities through the States Developmental Football League Community Development Corporation a 501 c3 organization with pride and dedication, and strives to provide fans, family, and friends with a memorable game experience through the States Developmental Football League's game platform. The S.D.F.L. is led by Co Founders Commissioner Garrick Jones and President Byron Clay and is funded by private investors as well as an assortment of auxiliary revenue programs. 

For season tickets, more information and to interact with passionate football fans, please visit

The S.D.F.L. currently consists of the Teams Texas (Austin) (Houston), Arkansas (Fayetteville) (Little Rock), North Carolina (Charlotte) (Raleigh), and South Carolina (Columbia) (Greenville). The league intends to be an on assignment league that will concentrate it's efforts on a smaller number of athletes in order to better prepare them for the professional business of football.