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Teena Sexton brings a wealth of knowledge to the SDFL having co-owned and establishing the first Semi-Pro football team in South Bend, Indiana, the South Bend Stampede, from ’99-‘03. Ms. Sexton also served as the O+ce Manager, Athletics, for the University of Notre Dame Football Once, working under the direction of Coach Charlie Weis, ’06-’08. Ms. Sexton was actively involved in both arenas
having served as the Marketing Director for the Stampede, assisted with player recruitment, 2000-2003, and marketed & maintained all team sponsorship’s. Other responsibilities included management and creation of the “Stampede” game day program. The South Bend Stampede won league championship two consecutive years, and runner-up third year, participating in both the Federal Football League (FFL) and CRFL (Crossroads Football League), in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and Indiana.



Rosalyn Orange is a business owner with It Works Global, a direct selling company that offers professional quality beauty and wellness products across the globe. She currently resides in Sherwood, Arkansas with her loving husband Shaun and their 3 beautiful children. She loves helping others feel good about themselves while reaching higher to pursue their dreams.


Gary Vincent


Service Manager at Marathon Coach INC. Gary deals with the 1% of top tier Business Professionals on all levels.  With 7+ years with Marathon Coach Gary has developed a great knowledge of Business and how to profitably run a company. Gary is an educated mentor, coach, trainer and Business professional.  In the near future of 2016 Gary is in the process of launching a Mentoring Program for young adults in the South Arlington/Mansfield Texas area.  Gary strives to show young adults how to project their image and how to capture respect when walking into a room.  Gary holds a degree in Sports Management from Arkansas State University, and is married and has 4 beautiful children.



Owner Wilkins Development & Marketing LLC

Darryl Wilkins is a leading improvement expert with over 20 years of
experience in the operations management and training coordination fields. Darryl, paired with 360 Solutions a global provider of quality training curriculum, works with each client to create innovative and comprehensive programs tailored to the needs of the company. In today's highly competitive market, an increase in human capital is the only way for a business to stay on top. Darryl holds a degree in Business Administration from Henderson State University of Arkadelphia, Arkansas, and has received numerous certificates in business management from Harvard Business Publishing. He is also a member of the North Little Rock Chamber of Commerce.



Antoinette Kamm is a business owner with Qivana, a world leader in bringing break-through Natural Products to the market place.  She has a Bachelor’s of Architecture degree from the University of Philadelphia, and has worked for the elite architecture firm Smiros & Smiros Architects. She is currently an estimator for an international material and supply fabricator, Metpar Corp. While Antoinette and her husband raise their two boys she focuses her passion on building her Global network marketing business. She teaches people the importance of introducing Health and Wellness systems to their bodies. By including Health and Wellness into one’s daily routine.  Antoinette assists individuals in achieving optimal levels in sports, workouts, and daily life. Through Qivana she educates individuals on how to leverage their time and create financial freedom.



Mr. Blakley is a former NFL Player  and current ABA Basketball Player.
He also is a member of the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and is a Certified Personal Trainer and CEO of Blaketivity Sports and Fitness Training



Founder, and president at TheMEproject which is an intense 5-week self-development program designed to equip adolescent boys with the tools they need to become Men Of Excellence. ME hones in on the most critical key areas of a boy's life to ensure that these young men are prepared to enter the transitional phases of their life.



Owner/President of Amplify Your Performance LLC Mr. Louis is a former professional athlete with experience in the Canadian Football League as well as the Arena Football League. Amplify Your Performance is a small independent distribution company started in 2010. Since that time Mr. Louis and his company has help countless amateur and professional athletes reach goals higher then they set for themselves. Mr. Louis's main goal is to "Maximize the potentials of every athlete's performance with the introduction of products that will enhance the abilities to perform without enhancements".