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Get Paid To Promote Yourself & Others

Posted by garrickjones on June 17, 2016 at 12:35 AM

The STATES DEVELOPMENTAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE will activate another one of the multiple residual income programs for aspiring professional athletes! The opportunity to gain real-world experience in marketing and promotions of themselves and, businesses that these athletes will be apart of, will be combined with business mentoring to help prepare them to succeed in football and career.

“Partnering with WE EDIT SPORTS USA will give the STATES DEVELOPMENTAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE and it's athletes an opportunity to market and promote the development of on field skill sets. These highlight films, accompanied with referral structures will make sure that athletes have a chance to monetize existing online networks via social media.” said Garrick Jones, commissioner of the S.D.F.L. “Our goal for this partnership is to help athletes earn income promoting themselves online, while pursuing their dreams of becoming a professional athlete in the ‪#‎NFL‬ or ‪#‎CFL‬.’”

WE EDIT SPORTS USA recently created an avenue for individuals to not only utilize them for highlight reels, but also become Highlight Agents. Their agents use various commercials to broker their highlight services to athletes and are compensated for player enrollment.

On every team, there are two types of players;

-Athletes that advances to the next level

-Athletes that wish they can look back at old sports memories.


This provides an unlimited market of prospects for WE EDIT SPORTS USA agents. Not only does the athlete get a highlight but they're also put into position to be an entrepreneur. Their highlighted athletes then help other athletes to get highlights and become entrepreneurs!

This opportunity is open to anyone interested!

If you are an athlete, agent, parent or supporter, and are looking to make money while promoting yourself or someone else with highlight videos, or someone that wants to have keepsakes for personal viewing please visit the link below!…;


Below are the official sites:





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